Ear ear!

More progress on the ear. I really learned a lot, it was like a lightbulb came on in my head and I felt like a door had been opened into the world of form and sculpture. Besides that, though, sculpting is just plain fun. Making the things and getting everything set up for it can be a pain in the a** but when you’re able to get down to work, it’s very very fun. There isn’t a sense of fear that I have with drawing or painting, I don’t know why. Must be some pre-conditioned thing. But I feel very liberated with the clay; it can handle repeated carvings and additions and will look pretty much the same.

Next week we are going to make our own sculpting tools, which is going to be fun and exciting, even though I’m not a very handy person…. seems like I’ve been living in Home Depot lately.


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