So my school has this thing where they have a model session free for students 6 days a week, and we just go in and draw without the help of a teacher. Sometimes they clash with our classes but I can usually make at least 2 sessions a week. I’m having 4 more hours with Ron and another 3 with Danny this term, so in a week I get about 13 hours of quick sketch drawing, about 6ish hours with a long pose, and today 4 hours with casts. And then 4 hours with Rick on still-lifes. It really doesn’t seem that much now that I’ve counted it all. X_x; 27 hours a week? Pffft. I do of course draw on my own time too and homework is more drawing.

We did a cool exercise today with our casts. We set up ‘stations with an easel and a cast and we started the day with 5 second drawings. Yes, 5 seconds. We do several rounds of these and then keep switching stations so we get a fresh cast and fresh angles each time. Then we upped it to 10 seconds, then 30, then finally a minute. In 25 minutes we got accurate block ins. The drawings don’t look very polished or spectacular for that matter, when we’re doing these exercises, but for some reason they come out more accurate in less time. It’s also a nice break from the measuring and plumb lines and all that stuff.

But anyway. Here’s my best page from today’s uninstructed session. These are 20 mins with a 5 min one at the bottom. :) Certainly there are still a billion things I can do to improve.


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