Scrapwood easel, scrapwood easel

Today was a very interesting day. It started out with me in drawing class (although seriously which day ISN’T drawing), where Bill decided that I was finally ready to move on to another concept because I was overworking my blocking in. Which was true.

I definitely had fun trying out this new approach.

Again I sincerely apologize for the horrible quality. Whenever I get a finished finished drawing I’ll set up some better lighting and actually use a camera instead of my cellphone.

But that wasn’t all, apart from the mental breakthrough. We stayed after to watch Bill put together a easel made from scrapwood found from around the school. It was definitely fun, every time one of us points out something about the easel not being perfect we would joke that it’s a scrapwood easel, it’s a scrapwood easel, you’re getting this for $20 as opposed to a couple hundred…. ahaha.

Anyway, here are a couple pages from an uninstructed where I was trying out several different approaches. And finally, a cast that I… casted! I’m really happy that we get to do this since these are so expensive to buy. It’s also very rewarding to make these ourselves.

And I got 2 free demo pages from the wonderfully talented Kirk! :D


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