Oil painting

So I haven’t oil painted (with colors, at least) since the end of 2008 or so. I decided to jump in and try them again while in Ron’s class. I did a very little bit of grisaille work with the talented and incredible Rick Morris (who also really helped me understand the materials), but this week was the first time using color again. It was… interesting to say the least.

I really love the permanence and feel of traditional oils. There’s nothing like it. The beautiful buttery paint and the way the colors blend, the versatility of the medium…. even the smell. I think there is a lot to be said about the feeling that you’re actually creating SOMETHING too, when you work in traditional media, as opposed to digital which is really great for quick crazy stuff but can be so easily deleted, lost, modified, copied. Even with all our tech one still cannot fully reproduce an original painting.

Anyway, here is the grisaille cup I did under the tutelage of Rick, and a 4hour portrait of Amy done with Ron.


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