Mind purge

Once in a while I have this urge to just draw… anything. A lot of my studying is done in the studio where it’s kind of a mediated place to work and it’s a very different experience sitting at home coming up with your own stuff. Sometimes I just wanna draw, and explore things. A lot of this doesn’t really make any sense, but I’m sure it could.


One thought on “Mind purge

  1. You should do this ALOT more often. It’s wonderful how random doodling, not thinking when you draw, not afraid to put random lines down and scribble and “destroy” your drawing, works wonders.

    There’s like so many interesting things happening, between the mountains, the construction stuff and figures/faces. I’ve been doing random stuff too.. nowadays, because i just can’t find anything that will make me sit for 4 hours to concentrate on.

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