Progress on the long pose

So in one of my classes we have a 10 week pose for up to 8 hours each week. I’ve been exploring working with this method since the first term so it’s really nice to see progress with our understanding and ability.

I started with the one in the middle, using a lot of rhythm lines. For this one I ‘felt’ the pose more than drew from what I saw, and inevitably my teacher Bill said that she was looking a little wide. So with a heavy heart I abandoned it and he made me cram the second one all the way against the page on the left side just to remedy that.

Well, the second try was a little better, but when I tried to begin rendering it became apparent that I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. Out of frustration I called it a bad day for modeling and started a third one, the one on the right, with no intention of anything but to practise blocking in. This time it was a lot better. I made sure not to repeat my mistakes from the previous two and it is by far the best of the three. I think the most valuable lesson I learned from this was that your drawings are not precious. If you treat them as such you blind yourself to their faults and it makes it that much harder to correct something you’ve invested your emotions in.

Of course the artist cannot completely be devoid of emotion, for that is where the art lies, but one must be careful not to fall in love with one’s work. I have that tendency and sometimes my work takes over me — it’s like being on a horse that’s running away with you, where you’re completely powerless to stop it. As the artist though one always has the power to say, “okay, that’s it” and throw the drawing away. It’s a hard lesson to learn but I think a very vital one.

Closeup of the drawing.

Here is where I currently am at after today’s session. I’m consciously thinking about many things at this time so it’s relatively slow going, especially as I backtrack to fix mistakes (and there’s plenty in this piece still). But I feel like I’m learning a lot and this shows considerable progress from where I was when I started in January this year. You can even see how my technical skill’s been improving as I worked from the neck down and her butt definitely looks the smoothest :P

I’m really looking forward to tackling more of the problems/challenges in this piece next week.


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