Color Dump

A major goal this year was to begin to understand some of the workings behind color theory, color perception, and color mixing — or how to paint color. Following up on the previous post, after which I was way too tired to say much — here’s some of the color studies I did last term.

Since January, I’ve been tackling this very subject. In some respects, learning about color has been the start of a new epoch for me, because while I readily admitted to not understanding very much about value last year, I never knew I had so many misconceptions about color. So it was challenging in many ways, having to recognize that I really had no idea about the subject before. It was very much a process of unlearning and relearning. I worked a lot from life, under both colored and white lighting, and introducing myself to color schemes.  I worked with limited palettes to a full saturation palette and quickly realized the physical limitations of pigments, even as vibrant as they look. I’m beginning to understand what a gamut is, and am still struggling to key my paintings correctly in both value and color.

This batch of paintings was around when I started getting a much better handle on the brush (pun intended). After about 5 months, I was able to start ‘drawing’ with the brush comfortably and increased my range of mark-making. Last term I was also pressed into making very quick sketch paintings down to about 10 mins. I’m very surprised as to how much they helped. When you’re faced with such a short time restraint, you have no choice but to make all the parts of your knowledge fit together.

While these paintings aren’t very good looking by any means, they’re evidence of a lot of my struggle to understand this elusive subject :p

Enough credit can not be given to the wonderful mentors and teachers who helped and are helping me along this journey, such as Ron Lemen, Sergio Sanchez, Nathan Fowkes, and Bill Perkins.


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