Redesigning Jurassic Park

We have a team class project this term to redesign Jurassic Park IV…. here are my homework thumbnail sketches :) Given the time I had, I did my best with them, but of course there’s always room for more improvement…. the dino in the fourth one, for instance, is supposed to be in a dormant, hibernation/frozen state, but it looks more like an action shot. The composition was just not right for it. Oh well, next time perhaps.


2 thoughts on “Redesigning Jurassic Park

  1. The 1st and 4th one just looks epic! Can’t wait to see the finished piece!
    I always thought LAAFA was 100% about figure drawing where students study nothing but draw nudes after nudes, but I guess I’m wrong! :-D

    • It did use to be like that but my group was all focused on entertainment art and design so they created a new track… the first 2 years are basically the same for everyone but instead of gallery visits and fine art mentorships during the third year, we get a portfolio year.

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