The 20 minute digisketch

One of my teachers and mentors, Ron Lemen, used to tell us that the quick sketch in paint was one of the ways in which you could distill the sum total of your knowledge into a very short session, kind of as a litmus test for what you know or don’t know. Today I returned to the 20 minute sketch again, and mainly painted for fun. Still, it’s interesting to see that even when I’m not really actively ‘thinking’, I don’t do TOO badly…. of course there’s always room for improvement and I could’ve made much better choices on all of these. One of the things that’s special about this bunch of sketches is that when painting them it ‘felt’ like real paint to me, instead of digital pixels. I don’t know why that is. It seemed as if I could feel the sinuousness of the paint smooshing over the canvas, even though it’s not actually doing that. Perhaps this is some kind of psychological breakthrough.


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