All Hail the Big Mother

Here’s a piece I did one night, where I re-envisioned a sci-fi/horrific version of 1984. Instead of Big Brother we have… Big Mother. In this picture Winston is being tortured, being forced to look at the omnipresent mask of Big Mum. I had a whole other crazy story involving aliens and things like that.

While I don’t feel like this piece is all that, I think it’s an important one because it points out to me where I need to improve and push myself.


5 thoughts on “All Hail the Big Mother

  1. I like your blog. You’re a great writer. Your entry on drawing figures is very useful, and your entry about almost quitting illustration after a year of tedium was inspiring too. You’d probably make a great teacher, if you ever felt like doing that. I found you through some old thread yesterday

    • Hi Diamandis, thanks for the comment. I appreciate your kind words very much. I have thought about teaching, but probably at a much later date when I’ve got more experience. There won’t be many updates to come for a while as I’m working on a really large project at the moment, but there will be a gigantic update eventually around April. Busy busy!

      • Oh sure, I didn’t mean to teach now. And I definitely didn’t mean it as an insult, if there’s any chance you took it that way, ha. (I’m well aware of the old saying: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t …”). I just meant you’re good at getting information across. I was sitting here yesterday taking notes on your figure drawing post and confirming body proportions/measurements in the mirror. I’ve started teaching myself drawing fundamentals, and you just happened to be one of the first resources I ran into. I started a sketchbook thread the day before, but now there seems to be an outage, which is good for me because I can actually get to work instead of wasting time nursing the thread. Anyway, thanks again.

      • Aha, no offense taken, I didn’t read it that way at all. I’m glad that the information helped, I might do more informational articles in future. I’m actually simply relaying the info as it was relayed to me by my teachers, Since I found it so helpful to me.

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