While I’ve been working on my portfolio, I’ve also been dabbling back in some sculpture again…. this time with Zbrush. I don’t reaaaaaally know what I’m doing with it because I’m so unfamiliar with the UI, so I usually have to ask for a lot of help (taking the class with Sze Jones). Regardless, it’s fun, and I’m very pleased with how similar the process is to sculpting with actual clay. It’s almost exactly the same. I’ve been sculpting from the live model.



2 thoughts on “Zbrush

  1. Holy…..this is insane! Your zBrush model looks like you’ve years of experience in using it!
    Once again, it showed me how important traditional skills are, since they can translate into digital skills! :O

    • Hey Xeon! Thanks for the compliment :) Like I mentioned above, I literally only know something like five buttons in Zbrush. Enough to sort of make it through if I don’t click anything wrong. But this lack of knowledge also allows me to focus on the sculpting process itself, since I’m using very very simple brushes and tools. The process is pretty much exactly the same as in clay, except you can make more mistakes with Zbrush that can be corrected easily. But yes, you can only sculpt as well as you can draw, no two ways around it!

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