I did this sketch to troubleshoot a couple things for my portfolio piece that I’m working on, as well as to take a mental breather since I’m quite sick of my final project by now. If you squint I suppose it looks alright.



All Hail the Big Mother

Here’s a piece I did one night, where I re-envisioned a sci-fi/horrific version of 1984. Instead of Big Brother we have… Big Mother. In this picture Winston is being tortured, being forced to look at the omnipresent mask of Big Mum. I had a whole other crazy story involving aliens and things like that.

While I don’t feel like this piece is all that, I think it’s an important one because it points out to me where I need to improve and push myself.

The Dark Thing

Ink is tasty. It’s seductive, spontaneous, fluid — all the things I want my thought processes to be. This was the first time I sketched like this and it was much more an exercise of pure liquid creation than any other medium. It’s amazing to simply blot out things on paper and then find my way through the passages of dark and light. 



Went sketching today at the Natural History Museum. I’ve been working with so much ink and pen that going back to pencils was wonderful. I had so much fun drawing these birds.